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Our Approach

GPEC aims to develop a unified voice to advocate on behalf of education, out-of-school time, and social service providers.


Our collective works to transform current practices, encourage innovation, and build better structures through the following values:

  • Advocacy We advocate at the city, state, and federal levels to educate elected officials and other key decision-makers about the impact, presence, and perseverance of quality out-of-school time and extracurricular programs. Through active advocacy and collaboration, we are changing the narrative about the important role extracurricular learning plays in developing well-rounded young adults.

  • Accountability – By setting, aligning, and pursuing shared goals, GPEC fosters accountability that encourages our members to overcome challenges and seize opportunities that advance the organization’s mission.

  • Capacity Building – GPEC provides our members with the tools they need to build stronger organizations and high-quality programs. We rely on collective action to help rebuild the communities that have been hit hardest by the pandemic and waves of cultural and societal change.

  • Collaboration – By centralizing and simplifying coordination of services and communication amongst our members, we are leading a regional effort to deploy resources equitably and effectively to address long-standing and emerging issues our children and families face.

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