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A group of adults sit around a table in a workshop setting.


Who We Serve

GPEC connects the ecosystem of stakeholders that supports a vast spectrum of youth programs across the Greater Philadelphia region, including:

  • Service providers and provider networks

  • Private and corporate philanthropy

  • City, state, and federal government

  • Schools throughout the region

  • Higher education and academic health systems

  • Resource providers

Our Membership

GPEC has two types of members: Service Providers and Philanthropic Supporters.

  • Service Providers are organizations who support children’s personal, social, and academic development outside of the classroom in a variety of cultural and geographic communities in the Greater Philadelphia region.

  • Philanthropic Supporters are individual and institutional funders who financially support organizations who provide extracurricular activities to children in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Membership Programs

Within GPEC, extracurricular and out-of-school time (OST) providers and funders collaborate to deepen and expand our impact with children and families.


As partners, we work together to share best practices, develop solutions to new and ongoing challenges, and improve the caliber of our services. 


GPEC will provide the following services and programs to our members:

  • Training and Education – Providing professional development that advances the OST and extracurricular field. Our learning community of administrators and service provider professionals leads to improved student learning, stronger organizational management, and shared inquiry.

  • Research and Shared Learning – Compiling research on the impact of out-of-school time and extracurricular programs to support advocacy efforts.

  • Networking and Annual Convening – Providing opportunities for members to exchange ideas, resources, and knowledge throughout the year and at our annual convening each spring.

  • Resource Development – GPEC's comprehensive list of tools will help our members transform their leadership and programmatic impact by providing best practices, guidelines, and templates.

  • Competencies for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) – Assisting member organizations in developing an increased awareness of DEIB and offers guidelines for facilitating diverse and engaged communities throughout the region.

Membership Benefits

  • Participation in regional program evaluation, outcomes measurement, and other research projects

  • Listing in local partner program databases

  • Access to sponsored program funding opportunities

  • Access to group financial benefits such as discounted conference fees and group purchases of supplies

  • Access to data reports and study outcomes

  • Access to libraries of recommended readings, studies, and other curated resources

  • Access to recommended tools, policies, procedures, and best practices

  • Newsletter and general communications

  • Invitations and discounts to conferences, trainings, and other events

  • Access to free/discounted consulting, technical assistance, and training opportunities

  • Use of the name “Member of the Greater Philadelphia Extracurricular Collaborative”

Membership Dues

Annual contributions from our members ensure that our programs and membership benefits can be delivered with optimal impact. While our dues structure is described below, in response to COVID-19, we’ve instituted a “pay what you can” policy for all organizations through 2021.


Service Provider Dues

Dues for Service Providers are 0.00075 of your organization’s annual operating budget rounded up to the nearest $10, and capped at $2,500. (For example: a $1M budget would be $750 in dues.)

Philanthropic Supporter Dues

Dues for Philanthropic Supporters are 0.00075 of your previous year's funding rounded up to the nearest $10, and capped at $5,000. Philanthropic Supporters are also asked to commit support to sponsoring a GPEC initiative or additional funding need.

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