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ARP: Resources for Parents and Communities

Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) has created valuable resources resources for parents and communities aimed at helping parents and community members ensure that the American Rescue Plan resources meet the needs of young and school-aged children.

Checklist of ARP Benefits for Parents This document is a compilation of direct federal benefits available to families with the links that enable families to educate themselves and tap the benefits. Please share this document widely with parents of the children in your programs.

ARP Guide for School Investments: This is a guide for parents and school board members to use in devising plans for deploying ARP resources to address learning loss and improving student outcomes. This document speaks directly to working with youth programs in the out of school time.

ARP Guide for Counties and Municipalities: This is a guide for local residents to use to encourage local government to use a portion of ARP funds to improve the lives of children. This document speaks directly to funding youth programs this summer and during the school year for after school hours.

Each of these documents includes specific ways funds can and should be used to promote better outcomes for young children. Please share them as you wish!

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